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Poco Amabile at MACC

Poco Amabile

Poco Amabile for girls and boys aged 7-12, started in 2000 with the purpose of training choristers for Amabile. Poco Amabile has been named 'Children's Choir of the Day' at the BBC Radio 3 Choir of the Year, at their audition round. In 2023 they reached the final round of the Barnardo’s National Choral Competition and in 2024 came first in a class at South Cumbria Music Festival. Poco Amabile take part in the Mary Wakefield Music Festival and have come first in their class on numerous occasions. 

Judith Gardner Jones

Poco Amabile Musical Director

Judith trained at the Royal College of Music at post-graduate level in Opera Performance and Singing. Since then, she has been a professional singer and voice teacher for around 30 years. She has performed in diverse genres from Wagner at Longborough to Phantom of the Opera on the West End. She teaches all age groups and is a visiting teacher of singing to several schools and has a busy private practice, alongside directing Poco Amabile.


Join Poco Amabile

Please get in touch if you'd like to join, or if you'd like to know more about our choirs. 

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